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Wynne Evans and his operatic alter-ego, Gio Compario, are the friendly faces of Go Compare’s TV advertising – together they bring a whimsical, warm flair to finding the right insurance policy. With an ambition to partner with a major television network, the client tasked us with elevating their buddy comedy and promoting Go Compare’s message, which saw us devising an engaging way the pair could show up and entertain the nation during primetime TV.

With Family Fortunes returning in the autumn with host Gino D’Acampo, we proposed a series of mini episodes – to run within the first ad break of the show – where the duo (along with their “families”) were playfully pitted against each another, aiming to answer real-life survey-based questions related to an element of insurance cover. As comedy hijinks occurred within each episode, one thing was always missing… the top answer. So, in a UK first, the gameshow became interactive with the question handed over to the audience at home for the chance to win prizes.


57% of viewers said the partnership showed a sense of humour, with 94% of people saying they liked it, clearly showing that alongside expert knowledge of insurance, we knew a thing or two about entertainment.

Our partnership with Family Fortunes garnered favourability for Gio Campario and 79% of viewers did not find the campaign annoying, with 37% of those saying they were more likely to visit GoCompare as a result.


Liked the ad



Did not find the video annoying (up from 37%)