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Volkswagen were launching an all new, all digital Golf 8. Arguably one of the biggest and most important launches for them in 2020. Being such an iconic car, they wanted to create an advertising launch to match.

Volkswagen wanted to get the nation talking about the new Golf by tapping into the playful nature of the car and showing off its new cutting-edge technology in a fun and entertaining way. Simply put, they didn’t want a standard 60” advert, they wanted something that people actually wanted to engage with and most importantly tune in for!

That’s why DRUM came on board and partnered with ITV, the biggest broadcaster in the UK, to create a special 3.5 minute ad break takeover. The ad break takeover featured the lovable father and son duo, Martin and Roman Kemp. The Kemps take an unexpected journey through some of ITV’s most beloved and culturally defining shows in their brand-new Golf 8. We journey with them, along the famous cobbles of Coronation Street; we have an unexpected encounter with Chloe Sims on TOWIE’s famous Brentwood Highstreet; and take a detour through the jungle before arriving safely at The Voice Studios only to bump into Emma Willis.

The ad break takeover launched within the biggest Saturday night prime-time slot and was supported with broadcast 60”and 30” cut downs, as well as VOD and Social.


  • Reached over 26 million Adults in the first week
  • Launch day search traffic for ‘Golf’ was up +303% YoY for clicks, and +152% YoY for impressions, +146% WoW for impressions
  • The first weekend saw online bookings for test drives increase by +380%
  • Featured on Steve Wright’s Radio 2 show as one of the ‘best ads of lockdown’


Adults reached in first week



First weekend online test
drive bookings



Launch day traffic