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Kitchens were where life happened in 2020. No longer just for morning cups of tea or evening
dinner prep; with nowhere else to go, we used
them as workspaces, classrooms and Friday
night dance floors.

But come September 2020, after 6 months spent mostly in our homes, Britain was suffering from kitchen burnout.

Podcasts were also at an all-time high,
with a record 10.1m habitual UK listeners averaging 7 hours each week.

So, to inject a sense of adventure back into our nations’ kitchens, we partnered with Acast, the UK’s premier podcast provider, to inspire listeners to cook up a little kitchen magic.

We partnered relevant podcast authors and created branded episodes, social content and sponsored cook-alongs each week, as part of Sainsbury’s #LiveWellWednesdays campaign. Given their pick of Sainsbury’s vibrantly fresh, autumn recipes to make in an episode, we pushed our foodie show hosts out of their culinary comfort zones, all the while showcasing the quality, abundance and affordability of new season fruit and veg.

‘In for Lunch with Jay Rayner’, ‘Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis Baxter’, ‘Off Menu’ & ‘Table Manners with Jessie Ware’, ‘Pappy’s Flatshare’ ’Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed’, ‘Deliciously Ella’ and ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen’ – we had a full spread of talent donning their oven mitts and joining Sainsbury’s in the kitchen for a deliciously adventurous autumn.



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