Announce the rebrand and name change of to Go.Compare and drive direct traffic to the price comparison website with a fame driving idea that puts the brand at the heart of popular culture and makes their new jingle an operatic ear worm.

We highlighted the brand changes in an entertaining and memorable way by sponsoring The Voice UK on ITV and creating The Voice Of Choice campaign. A vocal talent show to find a third tenor to play the dot in Go Dot Compare who would sing the new jingle alongside Wynne and Gio during The Voice UK final.


Changing a name is one thing… ensuring the nation remembers it is another. And with TV advertising being the key battleground for price comparison websites and Go.Compare’s biggest competitor spending over twice as much a year, we needed more than just another 30” spot to make the rebrand as iconic as fictional brand ambassador, Gio Compario, a.k.a Wynne Evans.

Across eighteen 10” and 15” idents we shared our search for Dot with viewers. From dulcet dogs to disappearing acts and howlers in C major, the auditions had it all. The Voice Of Choice was promoted across owned and ITV channels as well as VOD, ensuring our new jingle became an overnight hit.

And what would any pop stars’ journey be without a WYNNE-ers story? Our 3-minute social film wrapped up the campaign and lived beyond the broadcast sponsorship, telling the full story of Dot’s journey.


When it came to the results, it was music to our ears! The rebrand has already helped Go.Compare save hundreds of thousands of pounds and 8% of customers are now coming direct to the new URL.


New brand name



Direct traffic